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This is the Best Massage Oil Recipe You'll Find

This is the Best Massage Oil Recipe You'll Find

The benefits of massage oil extend beyond mere smooth glides. With the right infusions, it can be used to treat tired muscles as well. And if the scent is right, it creates an astonishingly relaxing atmosphere. 

Shopping List 

  1. Pick Your Base Oil or Oils for a Blend: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Kombo Butter, Shea Butter 
  2. Essential Oil (Alternatively, infuse a carrier oil with your own curation of botanicals and herbs.)
  3. Cornstarch
  4. Choose an eco-certified preservative: Leucidal® Liquid SF, Geogard 221 (Cosgard), or Rokonsal. All will stop mold and bacteria growth for two to three months.
  5. Vitamin E Oil (1-2 Capsules)
  6. A Double Boiler Pot


Botanicals That Smell Great Together

Make sure to check out our handy "how to infuse a carrier oil with botanicals and herbs" guide. In the meantime, consider these scents that work well together for an alluring smell:

Ying Ylang & Lavender 

Lavender, Neroli & Rosemary

Sweet Orange & Sandalwood

Vanilla, Cloves & Sweet Orange

Lilac & Bergamot


Instructions on How to Make Massage Oil

Get the Measurements Right

You will use your favorite oil like cocoa butter or coconut oil for 90% of your lotion massage oil base. The other 10% will be made up of super moisturizing cornstarch. When cornstarch is added, the consistency becomes aloe-like, which is perfect for massages. If you're combining two base oils, aim for a 30/60 ratio. You could, for example, use 30% Kombo Butter, 60% Shea Butter, and 10% cornstarch. 

Helpful Information: Kombo Butter contains Myristoleic acid, which is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antioxidant and is used in the treatment of arthritis and gout.

Gently Heat Until Melted 

Using a double boiler, melt the butter(s) together and stir in cornstarch to bind them together. Take the pan off the heat. Allow to cool until the mixture reaches 30ºC/85ºF  and add in the vitamin E oil and preservative . This last step prevents mold growth and premature degradation.

Finally, you’re set to fill your container with the best massage oil you’ve ever used.