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Coconut Oil (Virgin, Organic) - Traditional

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Direct from small holder growers in Ghana to you, we are proud to carry pure, 100% natural, community-sourced, hand-crafted, fair trade, naturally organic, raw, virgin coconut oil.

Traditional Coconut Oil is produced using traditional methods passed down through generations. This traditional processing heightens the flavour and aroma of the coconut oil, creating a sweet, toasted coconut scented oil that many prefer for products and cooking.

This coconut oil may have some natural variation in colour and coconut aroma.

INCI: Cocos Nucifera
Origin: Ghana
Growing Method: Organic, Traditional, Fair Trade
Melting Point: 23˚ to 26˚C / 75 to 80˚F
SAP Value: 0.195
KOH Value: 0.27
Properties: Antibacterial, Moisturizing, Softening, Cleansing, Soothing, Typically higher in Lauric Acid (45-54%)


Precautions: This product is intended for external use and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.